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Isabelle Carlos

Isabelle Carlos/de la Garza

1868 – 30 January 1907
Suggested daughter of Carlos de la Garza or Vicinte de la Garza

Isabelle is the first child not born into slavery, although the month of her conception is not known, so it’s possible that she was conceived while her mother was still a slave.

She married John Davis and had eight children — all the while living on the River Road with her family. On her marriage record, she is gives her name as Belle de la Garza!

One of Belle’s children, Cora Davis Hubbard, was my grandmother’s housekeeper at their town house on Goldman Street in Victoria — for years. I grew up with Cora’s cooking and spankings (for chasing her chickens). Cora and my grandmother were the same age and had lived ‘next door’ to each other on San Antonio River Road growing up. They likely played together as little children — as all of us kids did back then, when race mattered less than companionship.

Isabell (or Belle) married John Davis (1855-?) in 1886.
Their children:
Cora (1887-?)
Hinton (1888-?)
Pinkie (1890-?)
Mamie (1892-?)
Mack (1895-?)
Beatrice (1897-?)
Rosa L. (1899-?)
Jesse (1906-?)