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A Timeline

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1807 … Birth of Carlos de la Garza at La Bahia, Goliad, Mexico


1829 … Carlos marries Tomasita Garcia in Goliad, Mexico


1830 … Vicente born to Carlos and Tomasita  at Carlos Rancho on San Antonio River

1831 … Raphael born to Carlos and Tomasita at Carlos Rancho on San Antonio River

1836 … Texas Revolution: The Alamo, La Bahia and San Jacinto.

1838 … Betsy born into slavery in North Carolina

See the story of Carlos de la Garza saving a number of his Irish neighbors just prior to the massacre by the Mexican Army at La Bahia on March 29, 1836.


1842 … Refugia born to Carlos and Tomasita  at Carlos Rancho on San Antonio River


1853 … Raphael de la Garza marries Eliza Ann Montgomery in Victoria in November.

1855 … About this time, the Holliday family moves from Copiah County, MS to Texas, ostensibly bring slaves with them.

1856 … Fannie is born to enslaved Betsy.

1858 … Richard is born to Betsy.

The 1850 Slave Schedules of Victoria, Goliad and Refugio have no record of Carlos de la Garza owning slaves. William Terrell owns one 12-year old Black girl (Betsy would have been about 12 in 1850). Betsy likely was brought to Texas by the Terrell family who came from North Carolina. It’s also possible that she was with the Bickford-Lewis family. Peletiah is on this Slave Schedule as owning a 24 year old Black woman. See notes on Peletiah Bickford.


1860 … Raphael (a widower) marries Mary C. Youngblood.

1862 … Hinton is born to Betsy on the Carlos Ranch. Raphael dies in Matamoros, Mexico while serving in the military.

1865 … Virgil is born to Betsy on the Carlos Ranch.

1868 … Isabelle is born to Betsy on the Carlos Ranch.

The 1860 Slave Schedule of Victoria shows that Carlos has a female Black (age 23), a female mulatto (age 4), and a female mulatto (age 1). There is also one “slave house” listed, which is certainly where this little family lived. De la Garza neighbors along San Antonio River Road were Lucy Clark, W. J. T. Terrell, Anna Fagan Teal, and Thomas Fleming.


1870 … Three of Raphael’s children are living with Carlos and Tomasita at Carlos Rancho.

1872 … Ellen is born to Betsy.

1877 … Tom Holliday is born to Fannie

Reconstruction ends in the South. Taxes are high and life is hard for folks who supported the Confederacy. It’s even harder for the slaves who have been freed.


1881 … Little Betsy is born to Betsy. Nellie Carlos is born to Fannie.

1882 … Death of Carlos de la Garza.  Ollie Brown born to Fannie.

1883 … Will Sample born to Betsy and Wellington Sample.

1889 … Richard H. Williams born to Fannie and an unknown father.


1890 … Ellen Carlos marries Hal Terrell

1895 … Jesse Carlos Burns born to Fannie Carlos


1900 … Texana Fagan (wife of Peter Henry Fagan) dies.

1902 … Ruby is born to Will and Emma Whitby Sample


1910 … Vicente de la Garza dies March 10.
Betsy Carlos listed as Betsy Sample (mother) and is in household of Will and Emma Whitby Sample. They would be living in the old Lewis Plantation home on the 40 acres that Will inherited from Wellington.

1916 … Mason Whitby Sample is born to Will and Emma.  Peter Fagan dies.

Sometime before 1920, Betsy Carlos dies.