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Sample Cemetery

The Sample Cemetery

The land where the Sample Cemetery is today was part of the Miquel Manchaca Grant (see Google Map and the Road for reference). Information in the history of the Seabourne Lewis family indicates that Seabourne may have originally given this land as a burial ground. After the Lewis family vacated their plantation after the Civil War, it was occupied by “squatters” for a long time — and the name Lewis Bend was attached to this area.

Wellington Sample purchased land in the Manchaca Grant at some point after Reconstruction. It became known as “the Sample Pasture”. Wellington left 40 acres of his land to his acknowledged son, William M. Sample, upon his death in 1907. Young Will married Emma Whitby, a school teacher in Lewis Bend and Anaqua. His mother, Betsy Carlos, was living with Will and Emma at the time of her death (after 1910). After Will died in 1944, Emma sold the Sample Pasture to Jules and Will Fagan.

The Fagan bachelors left their land (and other property) to their nieces, Mary and Susana DuBois. These girls married twins — OC and Roy Matthews. The Matthews ranch wrapped around the old Sample Cemetery. On Decoration Day, Mary and Susana tended to it, just as they did to the Fagan Cemetery up the road. According to Susana (known to the family as Tiz), the cemetery was once much larger, but through the years cattle have gotten into it and disturbed the headstones or markers.

There are 13 records for the Sample Cemetery at FindAGrave. Undoubtedly, there are more graves than just these noted. It’s a certainty that Betsy Carlos is buried here — and likely most of her children.

George Avery
17 Aug 1884 – 5 Oct 1962

Sadie Beatrice Harris Dean
1906 – 11 Jan 1950

Amanda Steward Harris
1852 – 26 Jan 1955

Tom Holiday
1876 – 13 May 1925

Pearl Terrell Lott
27 Dec 1900 – 19 Feb 1944

Adley Martin
29 Mar 1902 – 9 Dec 1955

William Sample
18 Dec 1883 – 6 Mar 1944

Bell Lott Terrell
1870 – 25 Nov 1962

Elvira Stewart Terrell
10 Jan 1881 – 17 Mar 1952

Larry Terrell
1885 – 25 Jul 1939

Lillie Terrell
12 Dec 1900 – 25 Dec 1964

Velma Hollom Terrell
30 Nov 1896 – 2 Mar 1965

Andrew Youngblood
25 Mar 1897 – 19 Feb 1950