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Hinton Carlos

Hinton Garza/Carlos

1862 – 16 Dec 1949
Suggested son of Carlos de la Garza or Vicinte de la Garza

Hinton Carlos alias Hinton Garza of Goliad —  has an interesting story! Texas Prison System records suggest that he went by both surnames even as late as the 1880s. He was arrested, charged and convicted of some unnamed crime (which turned out to be murder) and was sent to Huntsville for a 75 year term beginning in 1886. His time was marked with fighting, taking tools from the shop without asking, impudence, and refusing to work.

Suddenly on December 20, 1905, he is pardoned by the Governor of Texas. He goes back to the O’Connor Ranch where he works as a cowboy until his death. He’s buried in the O’Connor Ranch Cemetery. On the 1920 census, Hinton notes that his father was born in Mexico and his native language was Spanish — another “marker” that Carlos de la Garza is his father.

On the 1930 census, Hinton is listed in the same dwelling as Louis Powers, a Black cowboy who was a foreman on the O’Connor Ranch. (See Stories for new information on Hinton!)