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The Terrells

The Terrell Families (white and black)

Dr. Timothy Terrell was doctor, born in Nash, North Carolina. He and wife Temperance had at least four children, all born in Nash, North Carolina — William Joel Tolliver (1824-1900), Frances Jane (1827-1803), Timothy Ripley (1831-1899), and james Crogan Ludlow (1834-1919).

The extended family was in Victoria at least by January 2, 1850 as noted by the birth of Julius Simms to Frances Jane Terrell and Dr. Barnes Simms.

On the 1850 census of Victoria County, households #303 to 311 are a list of wealthy doctors, ranchers and stockraisers, to wit: Catone Lewis, Dr. Barnes Simms, Dr. Timothy Terrell, William Terrell, Peter Teal (and wife Annie Fagan), John Fagan (and wife Elen Fox), and James Burns/Byrne.

On the 1860 census of Victoria County, households #484 to 493 are inhabited by Dr. Henry Hampton, Seabourne Lewis, Timothy Terrell (with wife, Ripley and Crogan), and Dr. John Stevenson (second husband of Frances Terrell), William Terrell, Anna Teal, and the James Byrne family.

Of some note, both Crogan and Ripley reportedly served in the Union Army during the Civil War. There were many “spats” between these two and other ranchers along the Road; one wonders if their military affiliation had anything to do with it.

An older slave family, apparently intact, likely belonged to Timothy Terrell and came with him from North Carolina. Upon emancipation, they opted to use the Terrell name. The black Henry Terrell was married to Violet Lewis. One of their boys was named Henry Hampton Terrell, perhaps because of some association with neighbor, Dr. Henry Hampton. Henry and Violet had 8 children — the lived on a small ranch fronting the Road. Several generations called that property home!

Henry and Violet’s son, Prince Walter Terrell, married Belle Lott, and among their six children was Cinderella Terrell (aka Daisy). Daisy had relationships and/or marriages with (black) Sylvester Avery, Richard Williams, Milam Thompson and (white) O.C. Matthews.

Another of Henry and Violet’s sons, Harold Henry Terrell, married Fannie Carlos‘ daughter Ellen Carlos. They had a family of at least nine children and lived on the San Antonio River Road also.

See article about the 1860 Slave Schedule in Victoria County for connections with these families.